HOUSE OF DARWIN are proud to collaborate with Lorraine White.

Kabbindi -

I am Djungkay, ritual manager of my mother’s Mok clan estate. I refer myself as Gunmok, I inherit the responsibilities of managing my mothers country and taking care of the rituals and ceremonies affiliated with the Ankung Djang estate.

The artwork captures their first flight out of their human bodies.
The subject matter is about the First Bees. Once they were men. They all come together at one place to exchange trade gifts. But they quarrelled about these gifts. The mardku man (Kubbulak) started the quarrel. They fought with spears and sticks, throwing them at one another. The fighting went on for a couple of days til at last they fell to the ground. They just lay there dying, their sweat dripping off their bodies. The sweat turned into wild honey. As time passed little wings grew out of their bodies and hairs emerged. Kubbulak spoke ‘Don’t stay lying down like that’. He tried to run and bit those two: Kardderre and Nabiwu. In doing so, he turned himself into what bininj (the First People) refer to that bee as ‘the cheeky one that bites’. These Bee Men were now dead. Their bodies lay there, but crawling out of their wounds were the men’s own honey bees. Their spirits had turned into bees.